The brilliance of AI-Powered Automation

What is IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation?

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation provides a modular set of integrated software, built for any hybrid cloud, that is designed to quickly solve your toughest operational challenges.

Meet your digital transformation goals

CloudPak® for Automation on Key Capabilities:


Capture, classify, and extract data from content

Speed up extraction of data, reduce data entry errors, gain insights from unstructured documents

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Share, manage, and collaborate on content

Instant access to content, connect content to digital business applications, assure governance and compliance

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Design and manage start-to-finish workflows

Choreograph human and automated activities, improve consistency across business operations, increase straight through processing

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Better decisions for you business needs

Rapidly adapt to business change, increase consistency and auditability of decisions, integrate with predictive analytics

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Achieve faster ROI with full-featured AI

Automate repetitive activities, eliminate copy-and-paste and data-entry errors, free employees for higher value work

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Current state analysis

Apply business automation tools to track inefficiencies and redundant tasks.

Increase productivity

Build low-code and no-code applications. Use RPA bots to perform repetitive tasks.

Respond to challenges faster

Identify and resolve inefficiencies more quickly for continuous improvement.

Improve business applications

Use data to automate, gain deeper insights and achieve straight-through processing.

Gain deeper insights

Use AI for insight into content and processes. Prioritize tasks to make better decisions.

Deploy anywhere

Gain the flexibility to deploy across any cloud managed by you or IBM as SaaS.

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