The industry’s first true cognitive fraud prevention solution

What is IBM Safer Payments?

IBM Safer Payments, the industry’s first true cognitive fraud prevention solution, brings agility to the fraud practice with its open-source data science platform. The solution protects some of the largest and most complex payment portfolios in the world across all cashless payment systems, helping card issuers and acquirers, network operators and payment processors optimize for higher fraud detection and lower false positive rates.

Solution Brief

IBM Safer Payments: It’s time for a better approach.​
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Protect all cashless payments from fraud

STET: An inter-banking company, helps banks combat fraud using IBM Safer Payments.


Delivers high performance results

Clients report high detection at ultra-low false-positive rate after deploying our solution.

Proven in production

Monitor thousands of payments per second. Enterprise-grade solution delivers 99.999% availability and high throughput.

Bring agility to fraud management

Build, test, validate and deploy machine-learning models in days versus months without reliance on vendors.

Open-source data science

With an open platform, import detection models, model components and IP while using rich interface to build new models.

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