What is RedHat OpenShift®?

Red Hat® OpenShift® is a Container Platform that empowers organizations to modernize their applications and infrastructure, accelerating their digital transformation and fueling growth.

With OpenShift Container Platform organizations can

Build applications with speed

Deploy, run, and manage applications any where, safely, and at scale

Manage Kubernetes infrastructure in any environment.



Apps running on Red Hat OpenShift can scale to thousands of instances across hundreds of nodes in seconds.


Red Hat OpenShift simplifies deployment and management of a hybrid infrastructure, giving you the flexibility to have a self-managed or fully managed service, running on-premises or in cloud and hybrid environments.


Streamlined and automated container and app builds, deployments, scaling, health management, and more are included.

Container Portability

Container images built on the OCI industry standard ensure portability between developer workstations and Red Hat OpenShift production environments.

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