What is IBM Sterling Order Management?

IBM® Sterling Order Management is designed for organizations that are looking for foundational order management capabilities to augment their existing e-commerce initiative or to start a new omnichannel initiative. With Sterling Order Management, you can manage these complexities, and improve the supply chain efficiencies and business responsiveness of your organization by cost-effectively orchestrating global product and service fulfillment across the extended enterprise.

Watch this video to understand how IBM Sterling Order Management provides configurable features for order capture, including real-time inventory, through fulfillment to final delivery, powering customer experiences that grow sales while improving profitability.

Key Features

Inventory visibility

Provides a single, scalable, real-time view of inventory and demand across data sources, including insights into global inventory ATP, inventory thresholds, and supply-demand matching.

Optimized order sourcing

Analyzes and simulates orders and business scenarios to identify the best sourcing decisions to balance and improve capacity.

Physical location experience

Offers in-store product and inventory search, instore fulfillment flexibility (BOPIS, SFS, STS), line busting, and omnichannel return capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence-infused execution

Optimizes fulfillment execution and inventory levels, improves cost-to-serve, and balances fulfillment operations with state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities.

Order orchestration

Offers configurable, automated order workflows and a unified dashboard where users can modify, cancel, track, and monitor orders in real-time across channels and the business.

Configure, price and quote

Provides online capabilities for customers to select, configure, price, and order complex products and solutions. The solution can also automate pricing and approval processes.

Reverse logistics

Manages returns dispositioning, accepts cross channel returns, and provides visibility into return order status.

Supplier collaboration

Manages and monitors inbound purchase orders, links inbound orders with inventory supply and availability, and sets and receives alerts on inbound inventory and events.


Provides an omnichannel foundation for all commerce interactions.
Offers greater efficiency by orchestrating the fulfillment of products and services across all selling channels.
Uses aggregated inventory information to efficiently fulfill orders and improve the customer experience.
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