Find and fix endpoints faster than any other solution

What is HCL BigFix?

BigFix is a single, comprehensive solution for discovering, managing and securing connected and roaming endpoints running Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOS.

BigFix is a highly scalable, easily deployable solution for patch, compliance, lifecycle, inventory management and Insight using one intelligent agent and one server.

BigFix lowers cost, improves security and simplifies endpoint management.


Remediate Vulnerabilities Faster
HCL BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation


Align security and IT operations, improving awareness of what remediation are needed to address detected vulnerabilities.​
Rapidly close vulnerability gaps, reducing remediation time from hours or days to minutes.
Shrink attack surfaces and close the loop between vulnerability detection and remediation. ​
Increase BigFix's return on investment (ROI) for both security and operations teams.
BigFix Mobile Solutions
Extend BigFix's capabilities to iOS and Android devices to control all endpoints in your organization.


Automate Management
Automate the management of device enrollment, configuration, remediation, compliance, posture assessment and analytics.
Unify Operations
Unify operations with a single solution and methodology for every device, including iOS and Android.
Extend Security
Extend the security of devices against threats to reduce data loss and increase compliance.

What is HCL AppScan ?

A security testing application that provides you with fast, accurate and agile services.

A market-leading application security software, HCL AppScan delivers best-in-class application security testing tools to ensure your business and your customers are not vulnerable to attacks.

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