A robust digital fax communication system

What is OpenText™ RightFax™?

OpenText™ RightFax™ lets users, applications and systems securely transmit paperless, digital faxes. With seamless connections to onsite analog or digital telephony, voice-over-IP or the cloud, the digital faxing solution integrates with email, applications and back-end systems and significantly reduces the total cost of faxing across the enterprise.


Accelerate modernization

Eliminate paper with an online fax service that digitally transforms business processes to curtail inefficiencies, drive competitive differentiation and enhance the bottom line.

Ensure compliance

Makes complying with private and public privacy mandates easier through JITC – Certified security and auditing functionality.

Reduce costs

Minimize errors and resolution costs as you eliminate manual handling of paper-based information.

Speed time-to-revenue

Shorten business cycles and increase transaction speed by integrating applications and automating manual fax processing.

Increase productivity

E-faxing made fast and easy in a familiar environment through integrated email and desktop applications.

Improve customer satisfaction

Convey accurate, reliable and secure communications to customers and other key stakeholders.


1-Resilient, scalable performance:

Modern architecture assures business continuity with high-availability service and disaster recovery options.

2-Rich application integrations

Packaged integrations are included for OpenText platforms and leading industry applications.

3-Flexible deployment options

Provides multiple deployment options, including fully managed service, On-premises and hybrid, to meet today’s business needs.

4-Visibility and analytics

Optimized fax capacity and averted bottlenecks with out-of-the box reporting and analytics using OpenText™ RightFax™ Analytics.

5-Value-add options

Provides add-on solutions to implement a flexible, ascendable infrastructure that meets all future needs.

6-Epic & Allscripts EMR certified integration

Provides paperless, easy-to-use digital faxing from EMR systems such as Epic and Allscripts, allowing cost reduction and increased HIPAA compliance.

Paperless communication for a more sustainable future

The environmental and financial costs associated with fax activity are significant. Read this blog post to find out how you can go green.

Cutting the environment costs of fax

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