Prosoft Professional Services

Our certified solution experts are here to deliver the business requirements your organization needs to operate at the highest level.

Discovery and Design

Project Definition


Analyze client environment, identify technical needs, high-level design, conduct discussions with project stakeholders, and prepare preliminary timeline


Aligning on specs with our delivery team to create initial scope of work and project milestones. Contact stakeholders to finalize scope of work

Delivery Phase

Project Management


Define project goals
Create project brief


Project scope
Team roles
Communication plan
Milestones goals


Budget management
Resource planning
Status reports


Project goals
Quality of deliverables
Team performance
Risk mitigation

Project Closure

Retrospective meeting
Project closure report

Support Phase

Service Level Agreement


Our KPIs are constantly monitored to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Service Priority

A priority matrix is used to define service priority levels (P1-P4) by considering impact, urgency, and number of users affected.

Service Response

Our service response times start at 20 minutes for P1 level issues.

Service Availability

Our standard service availability is the 8 x 5 model; however, we can adapt to meet all business needs.


Prosoft and customer responsibilities are well-defined to avoid any in-scope/out-of-scope conflict.


Service contracts run for 12 months, but can be paid in installments of 2,4, and 12.

Service Catalogue

Application and Infrastructure Services Portfolio
Security Services Portfolio
Automation and Integration Services Portfolio
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Prosoft Information Systems was founded in 1988. Since then, our 30+ years of experience have allowed us to streamline all commercial and technical operations at a very high level, giving us a platform from which we can deliver high business value to our customers and partners alike.